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Nature TrailZ is a partnership across the Tasman Sea. Jens Schlotzhauer lives in New Zealand and Heike Schwarz lives in Australia. Both German by birth and decent, they met and found that they had lots in common. They both love their adopted countries, love nature and adventure and have travelled the country extensively.

This enables Nature TrailZ to combine the experiences from their intensive voyages of discovery with the knowledge of German or English speaking country’s wishes and expectations. The result is exceptional trips with special insider knowledge. Whether experiencing Aboriginal culture up close, experiencing Maoris in its world, breathtaking nature experiences or hiking tours of a very special kind, with Nature TrailZ you are very close to the pulse of the country you have visited.

Exciting, extraordinary and unforgettable.

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We have a range of tours departing throughout the year.

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Self-drive, railway and private guided tours are available.

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We have a range of itineraries for active tours like cycling and hiking.

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Our local experts are based in Melbourne, Australia and Taupo, New Zealand to work on your requests.

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