4WD Outback Campervan Adventure

Guided Campervan Tour
Duration: 29 Days
PAX: 2-6 Vehicles



Australia, still a Continent with amazing National Parks, unique wildlife and so many spots still to be explored, many of them located off the beaten track …

This tour will offer you to experience the Australian outback with all its wondersome peculiarities firsthand! You will marvel at breathtaking views, sunsets right from a picture book, vast landscapes. Get close to crocodiles and admire thousand-year-old Aboriginal rock paintings.

You’ll travel in your own Four Wheel-Drive (4WD) Campervan, from north to south, right through UNESCO-protected National Parks, many of them only accessible with a 4WD vehicle.

The Northern Territory (NT) and South Australia (SA) offer some of the most fascinating National Parks and unique outback locations. Their stark contrasting colours of blue skies, green Eucalypt forests and red earth will capture your imagination and create unforgettable impressions! Huge termite mounts, landscapes covered in sharp rock formations, salt lakes with seemingly no horizons as well as cascading waterfalls await to be explored.

Overnight stays on farms, some with more acreage than Europe, in National Parks surrounded by pure nature, in underground hotels form part of your itinerary “Outback Pure“, as it is only possible in Australia.



  • Experience some of the most beautiful National Parks this country has to offer
  • Travel on dirt-roads, only possible to master with a 4WD vehicle
  • Marvel at a sunset and sunrises in the Red Centre with Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) in the background
  • “Feel“ the uniqueness of the Red Centre
  • Study 65.000 thousand year old rock art and hear about Aboriginal dreamtime stories
  • Stay O/night in your own 4WD Campervan surrounded by strange sounds from your natural environment on sheep and cattle properties, National Park camp grounds, and in an Indigenous community; sometimes even just in a protected spot beside the road
  • Swim below waterfalls, in cascading pools and calm lakes
  • How about purchasing a colourful Opal in the frontier town of Coober Pedy?
  • … or a kayak trip in Kathrine Gorge?
  • Almost close enough to touch will be the flora and fauna during a boat trip in the wetlands of northern Australia
  • Almost close enough to touch are the ever-hungry saltwater crocodiles, although we shall remain in a respectful and safe distance.

Other noteworthy inclusions:

  • Underground hotel stay in Coober Pedy
  • O/night stay in an Indigenous community with campfire and bushtucker
  • Truly authentic Outback experiences
  • Drive off-road and off-the-beaten-track in your own 4WD Campervan
  • Walk on Lake Eyre
  • Unimaginable Sunsets
  • Landscapes with almost no horizons
  • Indigenous Rock Art
  • Indigenous Bushtucker Tour
  • Travel accompanied by a German-speaking Tour guide
  • Small group travel with many opportunities for individual experiences



Day 1 - Arrive in Darwin

  • Individual travel arrangements and hotel transfer to Darwin, NT
  • Your opportunity to familiarise yourselves with time, temperature and surrounds of Darwin. Explore the town, NT’s capital city.

Location: Darwin

Accomodation: Hotel incl. breakfast

Day 2 - Darwin

  • Meet & greet your fellow travellers and your Tourguide in your hotel
  • Pick-up your Campervan and still have time to take another look at Darwin.

Options: Segway Tour, Sunset Sailing Cruise, your tourguide is happy to suggest more options

O/night: same hotel as night before, incl. breakfast

Day 3 - Darwin – Crocodiles / Airboat / Helicopter adventure

  • Meet ’Bone-Cruncher’, a 5 meter long crocodile, climb aboard of an 8-cyclinder Airboat, spot wild buffalos from a helicopter
  • Afterwards your 4WD journey starts in earnest: we drive westwards …

Drive: 120 km, ~1.5Hrs

O/night:   Campervan@CrabClaw Island

Day 4 - Litchfield National Park

  • Today, for the first time you’ll meet a dirt-road! It leads you to Litchfield National Park (NP). In the next few days we’ll explore this, as well as the Kakadu NP. Both offer huge Termite mounts, Cathedral and magnetic ones, ready to be inspected close-up …
  • Short walks through the native bushland lead you to clear rockpools, a welcome opportunity to cool down with a swim? You’ll spot kangaroos, wallabies, Kakadus whilst taking a refreshing shower (under a waterfall) at Florence Falls and the Buley Rockhole.
  • In the afternoon we’ll arrive at our camp spot.

Drive: 181 km, ~2.5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan / bushcamp between Litchfield and Kakadu NP

Day 5 - Allrad Track

  • More off-road driving will sharpen your skills as you travel towards the Surprise Falls. Take the short hike into the Lost City, watch the local wildlife, or take a swim in the waterhole.

Drive: 170 km, ~2.5 Hrs

O/night:  Campervan on a property near Adelaide River

Day 6 - Mary River Wetlands Cruise

  • Today you’ll experience a true wetland: the Mary River Billabong. A billabong is an Australian name for a small-ish waterhole or a disconnected part of a river. Admire the rich flora and fauna of this wetland. Wetlands are a safe haven for many bird varieties, you are certain to observe. Perhaps spot some saltwater crocodiles, lowly submerging as you approach, some may laze at the edge in the warm sun
  • Later, hike onto Ubirr Rock and from its Nadab Lookout. There you have a grand view over Arnhem Land and the plains of the South Alligator River.

Drive: 180 km, ~2-3 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Jabiru or bushcamp

Day 7 - Kakadu National Park

  • Cahills Crossing, a man-made, often flooded roadway across the Alligator River, is ideal to observe a bunch of crocodiles on the hunt. Afterwards stroll along Nourlangie Rock, admiring the thousand year old Aborigines Rock Art
  • You still may have sufficient time visiting a local Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Hiking: ~2 Hrs

Drive: 214 km, ~2.5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Coinda or in a bushcamp

Day 8 - Jim Jim Falls or Gunlom Falls (depending on road conditions)

Yet another dirt-road drive guide you to the fabulous Jim Jim Falls. This spot is one of the indisputable, hard-to-access, highlights of Kakadu NP. To get there a hike to the falls is necessary, after you parked your campervan. Depending on the season, either a trickle or huge amount of water will cascade down a ~100m drop into its pool. A most impressive natural wonder.

Depending on the road conditions access to Jim Jim might be blocked, but don’t worry as the equally spectacular Gunlom Falls offer a splendid alternative.

Hiking: ~2 Hrs

Drive: 369 km, ~5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Pinecreek

Day 9 - Edith Falls

  • Your drive continues, this time on a ‘normal’ = bitumen road to the well-known Katherine Gorge
  • But before, a well-worth stopover at the Edith Falls offer you the opportunity for take a short hike to the top of the falls. ‘Birds-eye’ views and interlocking rock pools invite you to have a swim.

Drive: 158 km, ~2 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Katherine Gorge

Day 10 - Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk National Park)

  • Katherine Gorge is your next destination located in the Nitmiluk NP. Rising early will offer you a chance to take a trip through this ancient gorge. Your transport of choice might be a small boat or in your own kayak
  • As you continue, you’ll soon arrive at Bitter Springs. Submerge and drift in its soft, thermal waters among the rainforest. With a little luck, back at the camp, you can observe hundreds of micro-bats circle noiselessly above a small pond catching their dinner.

Options: Kayak or boat tour at Katherine Gorge

Drive: 130 km, ~1.5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan close to Bitter Springs

Day 11 - Outback Station

  • Today you travel right through Australia’s center. Visit the legendary Daily Waters Outback Pub. Enjoy a cool drink, a bite to eat and be impressed by its many relicts dangling from every wall and ceiling
  • Later continue through the almost un-imaginable space the Australian outback. You aim to arrive at a cattle farm, your overnight spot with a campfire refreshment in hand. The outback way to finish a fulfilling day.

Drive: 610 km, ~5.5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan in the cattle farm

Day 12 - Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu)

  • Now you are approaching the geographical center of Australia, but stop first at another mind-boggling rock formation: the Devils Marbles. These almost perfectly rounded massive rocks, created millions of years ago, shaped by wind and weather. They are strewn over a wide area, sometimes mounted on each other and are up to 6 meters high. The devil must have done this …
  • At today’s overnight spot you can try your luck and pan for some Gold! Moreover, you learn more about this area’s indigenous inhabitants, its Gold Diggers and first settlers, the latter claiming this country for farming after the gold rush had passed.

Drive: 610 km, ~6 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@ camping ground

Day 13 - East MacDonnall Ranges

  • More dirt road today! Now, you are an experienced driver on this surface! Only along the Binns Track will you be able to visit some of the otherwise hidden natural wonders of the East MacDonnall Ranges. Along a small track you’ll arrive at Trephina Gorge. Marvel at the stark contrast between the steep rock walls, the blue-green of the waterholes and majestic rivergums (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis)
  • Then you continue to an old, original homestead: Ross River Homestead. Enjoy a dip in the pool, a refreshing ale (or GT), have dinner among original furniture from its 100-years-ago heydays and other original implements used in this pioneering time.

Hiking: ~1-2 hrs

Drive: 150 km, ~4 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Homestead

Day 14 - Alice Springs

  • First thing today on our way to “Alice” you should take a stopover at John Hayes Rockhole, another natural rock pool spending and ensuring life for the local wildlife. Especially many bird varieties need to come here to ‘drink their lot’ before flitting back off into the bush
  • Then you will arrive back into civilization: Alice Springs, the biggest town of the Australian outback. Long lost comfort awaits: a bed, a shower in a hotel room 😉

Hiking: ~1-2 Hrs

Drive: 100 km, ~2 Hrs

O/night: Hotel@Alice Springs


Day 15 - West MacDonnall Ranges

  • The morning you should spend reconnoitering Alice Springs. We recommend a visit to the Royal Flying Doctors (RFD), an organization without the outback could not function. Perhaps there is time to see the Reptile Centre (located opposite the RFD) a snake pit, but safe to see and even touch
  • Next continue your route along the West MacDonnell Ranges. The Ellery Creek Rock Hole beckons to take a dip. This will allow you to feel refreshed when hiking along the top and in the bottom of the Ormiston Gorge. A round trip with spectacular views and if you are lucky you may spot the well-camouflaged Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby.

Hiking: ~2-3 Hrs

Drive: 154 km, ~3 Hrs

O/night: Campervan close to Glen Helen Homestead

Day 16 - Kings Canyon (Watarrka National Park)

  • All your 4WD skills are called upon today as you travel the long and stony Meerenie Loop. It offers a massive short-cut to reach our next destination: Kings Canyon. As you grid your teeth and probably curse us, don’t forget to spot Brumbys(wild horses), wild Camels, donkeys and more local wildlife
  • Later, you call on a local indigenous family and learn about their bush tucker, hunting weapons and other traditions of their people, all of which enabled these people to survive in these demanding conditions for millions of years.

Drive: 230 km, ~4 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Kings Creek Station

Day 17 - Uluru (Ayers Rock)

  • In the morning you take a climb to the top of Kings Canyon, hike around its rim, pause in the Garden of Eden, admire the gigantic rock cliffs, breath-taking views and small rock pools
  • Then you’ll continue driving to one, without any doubt, of the major attractions of Australia: Uluru.
    Weather permitting, we expect to be amazed by its changing colours at sunset.

Hiking: ~4 Hrs

Drive: 290 km,  ~3 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@Yulara Resort

Day 18 - Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)

  • What could trump last nights sunset, if anything??
    Well, perhaps a sunrise? Your guide will show you a spot so you can see Uluru to our right and Kata Tjuta right in front. Once again, clouds permitting, it will be worth-your-while to have gotten out of bed so early …..
  • The entire center of Australia will by now by unforgettably anchored in your mind: the huge landscapes, vast horizons, indigenous rock art, peculiar wildlife and unusual rock formations. On your trek through Kata Tjuta, make sure you take plenty of water!!
  • After, with a knowing smile on your face, you continue driving southwards

Hiking: ~3 Hrs

Drive: 344 km, ~4.5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan bushcamp /somewhere right in the heart of Australia

Day 19 - South Australia/ Outback

  • Once again you return to unsealed roads – dirt roads. The only way to experience the uniquely colourful rock formations of the Painted Desert. This most unusual landscape, seemingly barren, still has a few sheep and cattle farms, your destination for tonight
  • Before we pass along the renowned Rabbit Proof Fence (Dog fence). This is a man-made construct, about 5,400km long to protect the sheep industry from wild dogs and dingoes. The fence stretches across South Australia from the Great Australian Bight, borders New South Wales and then turns north and east across Queensland to the Darling Downs
  • You arrive at Arckaringa, a still operative sheep/cattle farm. Almost certainly will a stunning sunset amaze you once more.

Drive: 490 km, ~6-7 Hrs

O/night:  Campervan@Station and Homestead

Day 20 - Coober Pedy

  • Via yet another bumpy dirt road you travel towards Coober Pedy. Be mindful of your speed , slow down a little! as this road otherwise might challenge your flat-tire-exchange-skills
  • Colourful gemstones, Opals, are the reason that Coober Pedy is referred to as the “Opal capital of the world”. It is estimated that 85% of opals come from here! Opals extraction is a hard & hot slog. Small digs, drilling into the stony ground searching for this precious stone. To beat the heat, most inhabitants of Coober Pedy life underground, in dug-outs – so will you! An underground hotel room, with a constant and pleasant steady temperature awaits
  • After dinner, you may embark on a short drive towards the Breakaway Mountains to take in another awesome sunset in Mad Max

Drive: 144km, ~4 Hrs

O/night: Underground Hotel (2 nights)

Day 21 - Coober Pedy

  • Coober Pedyis an Aboriginal word that roughly translates to “white man in a hole.” So take some time to discover this truly outback town. Perhaps a visit to one of the many operative Opal mines might be of interest? Hear, see and touch the history of opal mining.

Or take a reflective moment in one of several underground churches?  Explore this unique town on your own – so many weird and wonderful things are to be discovered …

Drive: NIL

O/night: same as previous night

Day 22 - Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda)

  • Bid your good-byes to Coober Pedy as your journey continues via William Creek, along the old tracks of the Ghan railway line towards Coward Springs
  • Take the turn-off to Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda), an immense salt lake, the largest in Australia. Lake Eyre’s tributaries come from three states: Northern Territory, New South Wales and South Australia. The blindingly white horizon will make it impossible to spot the opposite shore. Standing on its edge makes you feel almost insignificant, overtaken by this natural wonder.

Option: Flight over Lake Eyre from William Creek

Drive: 240 km, ~6 Hrs

O/night: Campervan / bush camp

Day 23 - Oodnadatta Track

  • We hope you took a refreshing dip in the thermal pool before you move on in your outback journey. On your way you’ll come across more thermal springs: Bubbler Springs & Blanche Cup are only a few yards away off the track. They are a small oasis in this otherwise desolated landscape and, in the past, where well-frequented weekend destinations for the locals
  • Along the way you’ll find more fascinating places to visit: an Outback Gallery and an Outback Bakery to name a few
  • Overnight might be the final highlight of the day: you will be staying in an Indigenous Community, the Iga-Warta Aboriginal Community in the Northern Flinders Ranges. Experience their hospitality around a campfire. Break-the –bread, in this case a Damper, bread cooked in the fire.

Option: More options for additional activities at Iga Warta – details to be announced

Drive: 311 km, ~4.5 Hrs

O/night: Iga-Warta Indigenous Community.

Day 24 - Flinders Ranges

  • Today satiate yourself on seemingly endless stunning views of the Central Flinders Ranges. Be in awe from the massive Rivergum trees, curse the stony, but still adrenalin-rising tracks, and weave your way through the snake-like gorges. This is without any doubt one of the most scenic areas in Australia!
  • Gorges, like the Parachilna Gorge will certainly amaze you!
    Overnight with a little less ruggedness in a sheep station at Alpana Station

Drive: 165 km, ~3 -4 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@a  Sheep Station

Day 25 - Flinders Ranges National Park (IKARA)

  • A single day in this area is just not enough! Therefore continue your excursion through the most remarkable Ikara-Flinders Ranges NP, the Razorback Look-Out and more visual delights.
  • … and just when you thought it can’t get any better, you’ll take a turn to arriving at the Arkaroo Rock Paintings

Hiking: ~1 Hrs

Drive: 198 km, ~5 Hrs

O/night: Campervan@ Sheep Station


Day 26 - Melrose

  • Fancy a flight over the Wilpena Pound crater? Well, this option is available this morning only, weather permitting. A birds-eye view over this mystical crater landscape you’ll never forget!
  • Your route leads to Melrose, a historical, quaint village in the Southern Flinders Ranges. Just before, take a last look at the Warren Gorge, not to be missed!

Drive: 218 km, ~3 Hrs

Option: Morning flight above the Flinders Ranges

O/night: Campervan@ Bushcamp

Day 27 - Clare Valley – Wine Growing Area

Ever so gently are you returning away from the bush into civilisation. The famous wine region of the Clare Valley beckons, located north of the Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia. You will need to practise constraint when sampling the local wine and produce. All commenced around 1830, initiated by Lutheran migrants who planted the first wine stocks. Today, they are exported worldwide and if you really like them, they even will ship them to your home …

Option: Wine tasting with lunch

Drive: 280 km, ~3 Hrs

O/night: Hotel in Adelaide (2 nights)

Day 28 - Adelaide

  • The day has come to let go of your home-on-wheels.
    You arrived in Adelaide, capital city of South Australia. Adelaide is known not only for its wine, its Art, its festivals, car racing and its Museums. Try also its culinary delights. Your Tourguide certainly can share some hints & tips.
    Adelaide is a compact city, thus easily explored on foot. But perhaps, you prefer to have a ‘quiet day’ in your hotel. Plenty of options will be available to ensure you can spend this final day to your liking .
  • But, keep the evening free! Let us come together as a group to share a meal. Clearly a gathering of now seasoned 4WDCampervan Outback Travellers! For the final time lets brag and laugh about our ‘near misses’, highlights and other exaggerations.
    Too soon the time has arrived to bid our farewells.

Drive: 5 km, ~0.5 Hrs

O/night: Hotel as previous night


Day 29 - Departure

Our time in the Australia Outback has come to an end.

“Bags are packed, ready to go, taxi is waiting outside the door …“ (courtesy of Peter, Paul & Mary)

Ensconed in your aeroplane seat, refreshment on hand, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect on how many kms you travelled, your personal highlights.

We sincerely hope that this trip exceeded your expectations!
We say our “Adieu“ and perhaps might see you again – this big country has much more to offer …

What is included in this tour:

  • All transfers
  • 13 nights accomodation in double rooms with showers/bath in hotels/motels or cabins
  • 2 nights accomodation in Glamping tents
  • 7 nights in 2-Person spacious permanent Safari-Tents  and 1-person Camping-tent or Swag in the Red Centre
  • 4 wheel drive in the Red Centre
  • Meals include 22 x breakfasts; 11 x lunches and  9 x dinners
  • Entry to all National Parks
  • German speaking, experienced guide for the entire tour
  • Additional english driver/guide in the Red Centre

What is not included in this tour:

  • Non-inclusive meals and drinks
  • Optional excursions
  • Tips
  • Personal spending







Optional Extras:

  • Upgrades in Motels, Hotels or similar if available. Please note that these up-grade possibilities are often available
  • Kathrine Gorge boat or kayak tour
  • Gold panning
  • Flights above Uluru, Kata Tutja, Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre.

4×4 camper Car Insurance: We must insist to select the best possible option (max cover) for your 4×4 camper car insurance. The outback is a very challenging place and flat tyres or even small repairs are always probable. Consider that you will travel for about 5,000kms within 4 weeks, and while we take every precaution to avoid any mishaps, it is best to be insured against all possibilities.


  • The morning after your arrival has a breakfast included in your overnight hotel. Moreover, it will offer all the opportunity to meet each other, as well as your Tourguide
  • The final breakfast is also included
  • En route, you will almost always have the opportunity to buy food & provisions
  • An Esky and/or a Cool-bag should always be an important part of your equipment.


  • The rental of a 4×4 camper (we are happy to help )
  • Knowledge how to change a tyre! (we’ll explain this after receipt of your Campervan)
  • EPIRB (should be included from the 4WD camper rental company)
  • A big sense of adventure